Family related issues can be complicated and highly emotional. Consulting with an attorney is a good option with these cases to help understand some of the legal issues that you currently recognize and some that may occur in the future that you can prepare for handling. Although some people take the approach of trying to represent themselves first and then coming to a lawyer only if needed, this can have long-term consequences. It is important to be sure that your final orders are drafted by someone with experience who can be sure that your order is enforceable and that your rights are clearly defined. 

Family law cases include initial custody order, CPS cases, termination of parental rights, custody enforcement, modifications, grandparent rights, divorces, clarification of divorce decrees, child support, and some other types of cases. 

When you contact the firm for your consultation, be sure to have the information for the other parties that are involved, court case number(s), court deadlines, upcoming hearing dates, agreements (oral or written) between the parties, and/or protective order information.