Stephanie Walker

Prior to attending law school, I attended Abilene Christian University and graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Looking back, there was a time when I was in Abilene where I had a landlord who arguably wrongfully withheld part of my security deposit. At the time, I did not know my rights or that I had options. I would later learn about what I could have done when I was in law school which is what motivates me to help educate the community about basic legal issues. 

I then moved to Virginia and attended Marymount University where I earned my Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology. While in my Master’s program, I worked at the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia (PDSDC). Working at PDSDC opened my eyes to some of the short-comings of our justice system and the importance of having proper representation. After graduation, I moved back to Texas where I worked more in the criminal law field before deciding to attend UNT Dallas College of Law. 

In law school, I worked a couple semesters in the UNT Dallas Community Lawyering Center where I assisted with representing low income individuals. One of my most memorable cases was helping a client negotiate a reduced fine for her traffic tickets. The feeling of helping someone who was struggling just to get by had a major impact on my decision to start my own firm. My goal in attending law school was to be able to provide affordable legal services to those often overlooked by other attorneys and to give back to the community that helps support my law school.

I earned my Juris Doctor from UNT Dallas College of Law in 2018. I became licensed in May 2019. I started this law firm to provide affordable legal services for people who fall in the gap of being unable to get free legal services but who also cannot afford normal attorney fees. I recognize that not everyone has the privilege of having the funds to pay for the high priced attorneys, so I am working to manage my overhead costs to help make my services affordable to those who need an attorney. My focus is on being able to serve those who may otherwise not have access to legal services so that more people get an opportunity to take advantage of the justice system.

I recognize that our legal system sometimes overlooks those who are not wealthy or well-educated about their rights. My purpose of beginning my own firm is to serve individuals who fall in the gap where they do not qualify for free legal services but cannot afford the high prices of most lawyers and to help educate the community about issues that may have a legal solution. My goal is to create an environment where people are able to seek guidance for their legal issues even if that comes through unbundled services because they are unable to afford full representation, where people do not have to push off legal issues indefinitely because of a lack of financial resources, and where people feel comfortable reaching out for legal assistance.